Every donation is welcome!


Sponsorship Levels

Platinum – 1,000 wheelchairs and above
Gold – 500 wheelchairs and above
Silver – 200 wheelchairs and above
Bronze –100 wheelchairs and above
Premium – 30 wheelchairs and above
Certificate of Appreciation – At least 1 wheelchair

Wheelchair donations will be counted cumulatively.
Platinum and Gold Sponsors will remain as until the goal is achieved.

Modes of Donation

For pick up of check email us at: donations@pilipinaswheelchairfoundation.com

Prices of wheelchairs vary from time to time depending on the market forces and volatility of raw materials.

Our prices or the second quarter of 2011 per wheelchair is set at THREE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 3,000.00) which includes the manufacturing process up to its ultimate delivery to the recipient.

For every wheelchair donated

For every wheelchair donated, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation with a photograph of the

About our foundation

Our Mission

Our goal is quite simple, to encourage fellow Filipinos to share and sponsor to our brothers and sisters a wheelchair for those who cannot afford it. We want to change the lives of the less-fortunate physically disabled and allow them to achieve some degree of independence with the wheelchairs.

Our Purpose

It is estimated that there are 5.8 Million Filipino's with physical disabilities requiring a wheelchair. 800,000 of these Filipinos cannot afford their own wheelchair despite the donations from various countries and international/local organizations.