Our ultimate goal is to provide 100,000 Wheelchairs for indigent Filipinos with physical disabilities for FREE


Wheelchairs to be Donated

All wheelchairs are brand new and are sourced from both local and international partners. As we purchase wheelchairs in bulk, we usually do get the best prices and at a fraction of what these would usually cost in today's retail outlets. The rationale of donating brand new wheelchairs compared to used or second-hand surplus ones from other countries is to provide recipients with the ease of a no-headache wheelchair which they will use for years to come..


Standard Wheelchairs

  • Type of Frame: Steel (Chromed or Powder Coated)
  • Front Wheel: Heavy Duty with Polyurethane Tires
  • Rear Wheel: Steel or Fiberglass with Solid Tires
  • Weight: 18kgs

This type is usually the model we share with our recipients as most Filipinos benefit generously from this. Manufacturers and distributors provide a generous warranty and are designed to be rugged, very low-maintenance and to be used even on non-flat terrains.

Causes of limited mobility commonly include cerebral palsy; spinal injury; stroke; spinal bifida, muscular dystrophy, polio, chronic diseases and injuries from road and industrial accidents resulting in fractured limbs; amputations and others.

In some institutions and recipients with special cases, we donate a specialized wheelchair such as the following:

• Electronic Wheelchairs
• Cerebral Palsy Wheelchairs
• Extra-Size Wheelchairs

These patients usually require special seating devices or extra mobility control but due to the extra cost of these wheelchairs, we usually study these cases together with the requesting agency/recipient further.